Using i2M and G2M on Schoenhut Toy Piano

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Using i2M and G2M on Schoenhut Toy Piano

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Good morning,

I have been using the i2M and G2M extensively to create new sounds with pitch-to-MIDI feedback on all my synths, including an OP-1 ("Heat" at my Soundcloud account).

Recently I bought a Schoenhut Concert Baby Grand (toy) Piano. It took about 30 seconds for the lightbulb to go on! :idea:

I miked the toy piano inside the soundbox with a pair of Behringer B5's at each end of the tone range, then fed that into a mixer. I took the effects send and ran the audio into an i2M or G2M, depending. The Sonuus's output was used to drive several hardware synths and some softsynths on my MacBook, either directly or by using using MIDI thru boxes. It works fine!

The sounds range from ethereal and beautiful to dark, gritty and grungy. Even though the Schoenhut has a limited pitch range—37 keys—the other synths can be transposed to get good melodic effects.

You can get a smaller Schoenhut piano for $99, although mine was $299 on sale over the web. But, it is a delightful instrument and adds new colors to my tonal palette, especially with the Sonuus boxes.

Listen to these songs and see for yourself: A Little Child Shall Lead Them; Gorilla Spit; The Elements (about 1/3rd of the way into the EP beginning with Ghost Town) all here:

This is still more fun with music! :D


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