Why do I get long latency with the G2M?

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Why do I get long latency with the G2M?

Postby james » Tue Feb 24, 2009 9:35 pm

The G2M will convert your signal with a very low latency. If you are experiencing long latency between playing your instrument and hearing the results, it is most likely a problem with your synthesizer/sound module (synth).

You can easily check the G2M by looking at the MIDI LED. When you hit a note the MIDI LED should start flashing. The time between you hitting the note and the LED blinking is the latency of the G2M. The delay in this should be hard to detect visually. Any additional audio delay is a problem with the synth.

If you are using a software synth on a computer (e.g., as a VST plug-in or similar), it is critical that the computer or software is setup to use low-latency audio. Typically you can set the buffer size used for audio playback and this needs to be set to 256 samples or less (at 44.1kHz) (ideally <128 samples, which is 2.9ms). On a Windows PC, it is best to use ASIO drivers to do this. If your audio device doesn't have its own ASIO drivers, we recommend ASIO4ALL (www.asio4all.com) which allows most audio devices to run at low-latency.

When your computer is setup correctly, you should find the G2M responds very quickly.
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