i2m Musicport MacOS Software 64-bit?

The i2M musicport™ MIDI Converter & Hi-Z USB Audio Interface

i2m Musicport MacOS Software 64-bit?

Postby rhodesyman » Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:26 pm

Hi there,

I'm a Mac user and the i2m Musicport is an integral part of my live setup. I've just read that Apple won't be supporting 32-bit apps with their next OS, and I see that the Musicport app is only 32-bit.

Do you have any plans to update this software to 64-bit so that we can still configure the i2m with future Mac OS's?

If not, is there another way to configure the i2m settings without using the app? Command line/xml files or whatever... as long as it's possible that'd be a big help!

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