Guitar Interactive Wahoo review (and in-depth video)

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Guitar Interactive Wahoo review (and in-depth video)

Postby james » Thu Nov 01, 2012 11:09 am

Guitar Interactive have done an in-depth review of the Wahoo. The magazine is free, so follow the link and read it!

At the end of the review, is a very in-depth review with some great sounds. ... 3/page/108

Some highlights:

" If you can imagine a filter sound it can almost certainly be achieved with the Wahoo! "

" The really great thing about the Wahoo is how inspirational the sounds can be - I can fully imagine using some of these sounds to write entire riffs or songs and after all, what else do we use effects pedals for if not to inspire us to be more creative? In this respect the Wahoo is highly successful and I very much recommend that you check one out! "
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