Overall Volume Level and muting

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Overall Volume Level and muting

Postby prince » Tue Mar 12, 2019 9:35 pm

I've noticed that the level of sound from the volume pedal is quite high when I change between the patches compared with my other pedals. Is there a way of lowering the overall volume and also I notice that when the volume pedal is set to low, the very first led is partially dim, allowing some sound to get through/leaking sound. I want it to be completely muted so nothing comes out. Is there a setting I can use to make sure it's completey muted?
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Re: Overall Volume Level and muting

Postby james » Wed Mar 20, 2019 9:19 pm

Which presets have a high level?

The default for all the presets is to have 0dB of gain, so there should be no obvious change in level between patches, nor compared to when the Voluum is bypassed or active.

However, the Voluum is essentially a volume control so it's easy to adjust the level. On any preset, if you want to lower the level simply enable the "volume" effect and adjust the hi and lo levels to be lower. If you have "no control" for the volume effect, it simply works as a volume control so you can use this to trim the level of the effects.

As a volume pedal to get the output effectively muted, set the "lo" level to its minimum value. You can also enable the "heel-down mute" feature, so when the pedal is fully in the heel down position the output will be muted, regardless of the "lo" setting you have.
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