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Voluum Midi map

Postby sloppy » Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:29 pm

i was hoping to be able to send CC messages to the Voluum to change which Controller # the Expression pedal outputs.
you can set it in the Editor, but can you set it via CC ? the same for enabling/disabling the individual effects.
I couldn't find a midi map, or the CCs needed to control the settings from my midi controller


edit: I see the Controller settings in the Editor, but what are the values that need to be sent ?
to add to the above, I need to be able to change the expression output CC on the fly as some pedals require CC4 and others CC100 etc.
Also, the Expression pedal doesn't have an OMNI out setting ? I can tell units to ignore expression input, but I can't have them respond to the Voluum when they're each set to their own midi channels.
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Re: Voluum Midi map

Postby sloppy » Tue Nov 26, 2019 5:23 pm

ExportHubCN wrote:thanks for sharing this info

it's been over a month since i emailed sonuus support trying to find my own info

dear sonuus,
can the midi channel out and expression pedal cc be set via midi ?

i tried using mixiox but there doesn't seem to be any midi sysex sent when changing those settings from the App
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