Introduction to Voice and Accent

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Introduction to Voice and Accent

Postby Kultiwari » Sat Nov 30, 2019 7:36 am

What are Voice and Accent?
What are Voice and Accent? Voice is that the sound created by the vibration of the vocal cords while the accent is a manner of enunciation. Most of us have a pair of muscles within our jaw, tongue and lips that help us produce sounds; these muscles are educated by us to talk in a specific manner i.e. to announce sounds in our native language. As we often use our native language, our muscles are trained to create those sounds. English being the second language is not widely utilised in our domestic environment hence we are unaware of the precise noises for use while talking the language due to that we substitute unidentified sounds together with the nearest accessible sound in our native speech leading to mother tongue influence or accent formation.

Why is Voice and Accent Training Required? With that the arrival of multinational businesses and globalization all societal spaces are getting to be varied and cosmopolitan wherein people from all walks of life come together and the frequent medium of communication is English, we consequently aspire to be eloquent in our language in this spaces to create an impression, build both personal and professional connections, negotiate and present our ideas. However English is not our first language and hence we lack fluency at the very same, the inclination to be influenced by the mother tongue is full of nonnative speakers.

Voice and accent are just how you speak a certain language. While we, at sevenMentor offers Best Voice and Accent Training in Pune for accent and voice we train a group of muscle sets that govern our language skills to produce correct enunciation of the language. Thus, bettering your accent or removing mother tongue influence leads to fluency and clarity. Voice and accent training at Pune majorly focus on bettering the English accent. To put it differently, it's also for accentuation and accent modification.

Who must be educated in Voice and Accent? Well, Everybody! Anybody who is interested in speaking the English language without any mother tongue influence and also at a neutral an understandable tone ought to take the Voice and Accent Training in Pune. However, if we were to put a categorization It's recommended to anyone Who's looking to pursue their higher education in a foreign country, Who's working with or is needed to interact with native speakers, professionals who are looking to migrate abroad as well as individuals who would like to boost their language abilities, and aspiring people speakers....
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