Misc. Flute Questions with G2M v3

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Misc. Flute Questions with G2M v3

Postby ggollobin » Fri Sep 20, 2019 2:02 am

I am triggering the G2Mv3 with a concert (c) flute. My setup is as follows: Flute, K&K Silver Bullet mike clipped to flute and overhangs the embouchure hole in the head joint. This connects to small preamp that comes with microphone. Then plugged into G2m. MIDI cable to MIDI in of Edirol UM 3-EX USB MIDI interface to Windows 10 laptop. Software is Band In a Box MIDI Thru setting, with the MIDI output to Ketron SD2 hardware synth module. The pitch tracking is excellent. There is some latency. Does anyone have any suggestions to reduce the latency any further. I was contemplating interposing a MIDI Solutions MIDI merge box just as the MIDI goes into the SD2. However, I would like to experiment with the realtime MIDI harmony functions of Band in a Box. I would have to insert the G2M upstream of the software to do this, not just before the sound module.
1) Any other suggestions to reduce latency?
2) The end of each monophonic note is somewhat variable even though the flute is making no more audible pitch. I can improve this by terminating each note with a tongued articulation as opposed to just voluntarily stopping the airflow at the mouth. I am a bit confused regarding MIDI note off messages. The literature with the G2M speaks of note offs being transmitted. However, when I read the MIDI implementation chart pdf, if I interpreted the X as no and O as yes, it seemed that note off was in fact not part of the MIDI implementation. Can someone enlighten me on this subject or uniform note durations with wind instruments and pitch to MIDI?

Thanks in advance.
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