Compatibility with Roland Gaia

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Compatibility with Roland Gaia

Postby poofish » Thu Dec 19, 2019 11:25 pm

hows it going you lot,
Does anyone know if a Roland Gaia can be controlled by my guitar through this g2m v3? I can get midi into abeleton to generate midi notes using it but no joy direct into the Gaia. !!!?????
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Re: Compatibility with Roland Gaia

Postby Spaghettaboutit » Mon Mar 09, 2020 1:59 pm

The Roland Gaia has two standard 5-pin DIN MIDI jacks, one for input (use this) and one for output. I'm guessing you have hooked your Gaia up to your computer using the USB type B port on the back of the Gaia...maybe the Gaia treats MIDI over USB a little different than MIDI over DIN.

There shouldn't be a problem on the G2M's side of things, make sure your guitar is loud enough to get the CLIP LED to only sometimes blink. If the G2M has both the Tuner and MIDI LEDs flashing when your playing and you still don't get any sound from your Gaia, then it's probably something wrong with the Gaia. I'm not saying the Gaia is broken, I'm just saying maybe there is some sort of volume issue, or MIDI channel settings issue that you need to fix or find out. I'd reach out to Roland at that point.

I also bring up the fact that you are using USB to connect to your computer, because maybe there is something wrong with your MIDI DIN input jack - maybe there is a loose connection or there is a bad solder joint.
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