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Re: G2M/B2M with Sax live

Postby jdsmusic » Sun May 19, 2019 2:34 pm

I am using the G2m on a tenor sax in a live environment with a Samson Airline wireless bell clipon mic. The Samson mic receiver has two outputs, one (XLR) goes into the mixing console. The other (1/4") is going to a noise gate with the output of the gate going into the G2m. The midi output is going into a Roland XV-5050 with Patchman Wind Controller patches.

I am using a patch for a horns section (trumpet, alto sax, trombone). For the most part it works but I occasionally get wrong notes derived. Can you please give me some tips to resolve this? The last post was back in September 2018 where reference was made to some additional testing. Was this ever done?

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Re: G2M/B2M with Sax live

Postby woodyeyes » Sat Oct 12, 2019 12:54 pm

I got the G2M to use playing tenor sax in my very loud covers band. I play keys mostly.
I started off trying it with my sure wireless sax mic attached to the bell. This gave us problems with feedback (band too loud) but also I had lots of false triggering of the midi signal as the mic was picking up the drummer and bass player.
Then I read Windblower's comments above and checked out the piezobarrel pickup mic. Last month, by chance, I was near Brisbane so arranged to call in on Steve and purchased one of his piezobarrel mics. For me it is a vast improvement on using a traditional mic. Feedback issues have been eliminated and I have very few false triggers.
I send the piezobarrel signal into my xair12 mixer. I adjust the eq signal and send it via a volume pedal to the G2M. (So when I'm just playing keys I can turn off the G2M). The output from here goes into my Nord stage3 keyboard set up with a brass/organ patch. I can use the xair mixer to also add effects to the dry signal and with some reverb, delay and a touch of octave pitch down effect my solo tenor sax playing sounds as close to a full on brass section as I've so far managed to achieve. I use a volume pedal direct into the Nord so while playing sax I can mix in the volume of the keys with the sax.
I get a small, but acceptable latency effect with this set up.
All I need to do now is improve my sax technique. :roll:
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Re: G2M/B2M with Sax live

Postby gauripuri » Fri Nov 01, 2019 9:55 am

very well explained..
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