Wahoo stood test of time?

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Wahoo stood test of time?

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My beloved Cry Baby finally bit the dust recently. It was much stomped on and abused - I stood on that sucker till it cried. Anyhow, despite my ill treatment, it served me up some delicious funk stew for the best part of 20 years will very little maintenance needed. You never know what you had till its gone...

Anyways. I was just going to buy another Cry Baby when I thought "hey man its the 21st Century. Why not look and see what developments there have been," So I was browsing guitar effects pedals for sale online - http://www.australia.for-sale.com/guita ... -processor

and came across the Sonuus Wahoo.


I've read and watched a bunch of reviews and she definitely seems like a hot little momma with crazy versatility. But what I wanna know is does she have the stamina to keep up with the big boys. Has anyone here got experience of gigging with a Wahoo? How does it stand up on stage and how does it stand up to being thrown around/having beer spilled on it/being used as some kind of exercise equipment. Basically is it a solid unit that stands up to going out on the road? Are there any other foibles when it is being used in anger?

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