Electric Violin and G2M V3 Experiences

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Electric Violin and G2M V3 Experiences

Post by firegeiger »

At first - I think there are some midi-violins with well-balanced systems and nearly perfect function - and a very expensive price (3000€ and higher). So what I can expect about a little box under 100€ for guitar? Just an experiment - how usable will it be with violin?

So I bought the little Box G2M V3 with low expectations, want to try what is possible with my existing equipment. I suspect, a electric violin will be better than a acoustic, because the sound is more flat - in acoustic violin there are more resonances from the corpus and this will disturb the box to translate into midi. My old ZETA-Violin (a simple model, passiv pickup) and my old Korg M1 Synthesizer (has normal midi sockets like G2M) I used to probe whitch parameters will work to give the best function.

There are many ways to get Noise, Notes are not ending, high latency, false Octave notes and so on - its terrible. But dont panic! My best way in this time is, to switch G2M "CHROMATIC" out, and the small Pin-Switches 1+2 set "on" (Voice/wind), all others to "out". On Keyboard I switched by the 100 standard-sounds of M1 - it works very different in every possible way - sometimes nothing works, other sounds are useful. My experience - I can influence this with some settings in Keyboardsounds. Velocity should be very low, and Attack time also - very low. This will help to get a clear hit, to switch fast between the notes, and so it makes fun.

Vibrato does not work - dont know why, but bending notes is possible. Its sometimes difficult to perform right, but sometimes I got a feeling that it works fine.

In this moment I'm happy to play some complete not-violin-like sounds with my violin on keyboard, I cant stop playing and experimenting with the possibilities. Dont know, how I should use it on stage, but at first its funny and gives new waves to my brain - all right. I am practicing ...
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Re: Electric Violin and G2M V3 Experiences

Post by Coelho »

Cheers for sharing your experiences, Firegeiger. I'm also very pleased with it, especially for that price. Anything else similar is a few times more expensive. The only thing I'm worried about is the manufacturing quality. I'm not sure how long it'll last. I couldn't be completely off on this one though, we'll see.
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