B2M NAMM 2010 videos

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B2M NAMM 2010 videos

Post by james »

We've posted some videos of the B2M so you can see it in action, recorded live at Winter NAMM 2010. Enjoy.


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Re: B2M NAMM 2010 videos

Post by Skydiver »

I can't wait to get my own...
When can we expect to see them in stores or available for order?
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Re: B2M NAMM 2010 videos

Post by johnmc »

The first batch of B2Ms are on their way to our distributors this month so (depending on where you are in the World) we expect around 4-6 weeks before they hit the stores.
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Re: B2M NAMM 2010 videos

Post by AMOS »

Decent, need to accomplish something like this with mine.
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