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Games and music

Postby GamesBX2910 » Wed Nov 20, 2019 1:44 am

Hello everyone, I am GamesBX
Each of us probably knows that music has a great entertainment effect, because it makes you forget the fatigue, pressure and make your spirit better, so to say these are Spiritual food is very good, a means of entertainment that also affects the health of people. You know that not one of the causes of energy loss, as well as the decline of human immunity, it is a state of anxiety, stress, pressure, and rapid depletion of the body. But music is a special remedy that can be used for all these conditions, making your spirit more stable, fun and relaxing.

Music is considered to be the greatest creation of man, it has touched the soul, as well as helping people to be able to sympathize with the things that can not be said, or even the nature. Humanities. Music is also influential in people because it helps people have new brain experiences better, especially the development of intelligence in children. Not only that, but it also works to connect, as well as convey the message to everyone in the world, regardless of country or nation. That's why music is considered a wonderful part of every nation. Besides, music also works to connect people to become closer to each other, help strengthen the love, friendship, or the love of peace between different countries and countries, to become close more.
The same goes for video games
Video games are not just a form of high-tech entertainment. Indeed, it challenges your skills and helps you to be bored. In addition, video games can make your reflexes more sensitive, and studies show that playing these good games will improve visual focus. Some games can also improve your math and reading skills. Moreover, the latest games are often the subject of discussion among students. If you play video games, you have something to tell your peers.
In the past, I always thought that playing games was very bad because there were so many people because it made their studies worse and made their parents worried. But when I got a little older, I realized I was confused between passion and addiction. Similarly, online games also have many good and bad points.

When a mode of entertainment is becoming increasingly "hot" will make many young people try to play. They do not need to know how the game plays? They spend a lot of time playing games, forget to do homework, neglect schoolwork. At first, they just wanted to catch up with the new trend but after that, they could hardly get out of that habit and lead to many serious consequences. They pay too much attention to win, lose, spend a lot of money loaded into the game to satisfy their hobbies. They suddenly forget the necessity of the game is to entertain after stressful studying hours, and so it will be very easy to get addicted ..

Some of the benefits of gaming are: We always get the fastest reflexes in any situation, have the opportunity to become a game developer and have good teamwork skills, .. We can explore Discover how to control any type of game, find the rules in each game, and develop future ideas. You will also make good friends and live more responsibly. The most important thing is that gamers have fun and relaxing time to concentrate on studying or working.

Online games are not bad, but because of the way people make it worse. Try once playing any kind of game, you will not regret it!
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Re: Games and music

Postby Ituime » Thu Nov 28, 2019 1:09 pm

Hmmm, never thought about music in video games but you are right! It adds so much more to a standard game, it become more entertaining for sure. I've been playing computer games in the past, now I play some simple games on the iPhone mostly. Due to my work I have to check lots of phuket apartment for sale and I need distraction from time to time :lol:
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Re: Games and music

Postby Tammanna » Mon Dec 23, 2019 6:39 am

Yes, music helps to reduce the fatigue, pressure or even depression. There are many kinds of music available online that helps to reduce anxiety, fatigue etc but the issue is you can't always able to hear it when you feel down so, it would be better if you can listen to it whenever you feel down and that's why I prefer to listen to music offline by download it offline or convert into mp3 from ytmp3 converter. Just need to copy the link of the video, visit the website "ytmp3 conv" and paste that copied link in the "URL Box".
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Re: Games and music

Postby karanprakash » Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:03 pm

Music does help us in getting rid of fatigue, pressure or even depression. It plays a vital role. You can download music online from YouTube using a free tool called YouTube2Vide. Easy, fast & safe!
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