8 years along, i2m STILL unbeatable for speed

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8 years along, i2m STILL unbeatable for speed

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When I'd first bought the i2m in about 2012, it sat neglected as I worked with the Roland GR-55 and GK-2A pickup on a Mexican Strat. While the Roland pickup and GR-55 MIDI output could effectively lay down MIDI to a Cubase 5 quite well running on Win7 x64 on a 3.7GHz quad-core Intel on a SATA HDD, the guitar/amp emulator patches on the GR-55 were what I liked and used most. About 3 months neglected, I finally tried the i2m. I'll fast forward beyond the barely-tolerable latencies and glitching to my most recent resurrection of the i2m, 8 years along with extremely little prior use. I should mention I've owned and loved the PreSonus VSL 22 USB audio device; its ASIO performance is incredibly tight and right.
About 2 weeks ago I finally upgraded to Windows 10, booting from an SSD device...... my primary interest was improved performance of flight simulator DCS A-10C and World 2.5. I was beyond amazed with an essentially 1000% improvement in performance in load time and silky smooth flight.
Just got a cheap Stratocaster, primarily for better behavior input via i2m than my acoustic-electric Epiphone.
Latency? What latency? In both audio and MIDI, and to my ears and hands, I sense no lag, just real-time as good as it can get. I'm not literate enough in computer sciences to know whether Windows 10 and SSD could or have had such an impact, but it is what it is and unlike ever before.
What connection (so to speak) exists between system upgrade and i2m amazing improved performance...... I'm all eyes and ears for ideas. Top of my wishlist is polyphony, such as that I'd enjoyed with the Roland. But until then, the i2m remains one ridiculously quick and accurate transducer :)
TO all, be well!
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