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Wahoo preset

Post by Flop54 »

Hello my name is Florent. I'm a french so sorry for my bad english.
I find that sonuus do really good product and it's a really good idea to exchange our preset. So I begin with three of mine's

A bassball like :
(468 Bytes) Downloaded 963 times
A mutron like :
Mutron III.wahoo
(468 Bytes) Downloaded 947 times
A prometheus :
(468 Bytes) Downloaded 967 times
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Re: Wahoo preset

Post by Neiler »

I really like those Florent ! Merci ! The Bassballs preset is class , Much better than the version I had come up with , for years I've been using an Ehx Q-tron on low pass for guitar and I love it I'm trying to emulate that sound with the Wahoo , nearly there but not quite , I've only had my Sonuus about a week , I will load up some presets when I get a bit more used to things . Best
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