Right audio channel; Animoog; transpose option

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Right audio channel; Animoog; transpose option

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I finally bought the G2M app this week, and so far I have found it the most accurate note-tracker out of all the similar apps for iOS that I have tried (though I'm still trying to eliminate the wrong octave-notes here and there :P ). I have a couple of points I wanted to raise:
  • Please can I add one more voice to the requests for an option in Settings, to specify whether the guitar input is on the Left or Right channel of a digital input? I use a Samson G-Track with my iPad, and the G puts the instrument input signal on the Right channel... so G2M doesn't pick it up.
  • Testing G2M with a Griffin GuitarConnect analogue (headphone socket) cable, I get reasonable results, but Animoog behaves oddly on a few patches. Pads seem to trigger/sound OK, but when I tried the "BiggerBass" factory patch, all I hear is a short "click" or "thump". This is one patch I really would like to be able to play via G2M - any thoughts?
  • One feature that I miss from my Roland GI-10, and would find it very useful to have: note-transposition (either in whole octaves, or semitones), so for instance, I could play bass parts higher up the neck to help with tracking?
Thanks for a very useful app!

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