Notes on the G2M won't sustain for long.

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Notes on the G2M won't sustain for long.

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The G2M is designed to track sustained notes very well, typically to beyond when you can still see the string vibrating. It also does this without the problems other systems often have with low-level string noise being detected as notes.

If you find that notes are not sustaining correctly, it is most likely because the guitar signal level is too low, or not adjusted correctly. The guitar should be setup so that during normal playing the CLIP light will illuminate from time-to-time. When you do this, the level will be optimised for the G2M and sustaining notes should track correctly.

If you are using different instruments with the G2M, it is best to disconnect/reconnect the GUITAR IN jack of the G2M when you switch instruments as this allows the G2M to readjust it's internal calibration so it can more quickly adapt to your new instrument. This is particularly important when switching from a high-output guitar to a low-output one.

You also need to ensure that you don't hit other strings while the sustaining note is being held. If another note is detected, even a very low-level one, while a note is sustaining the sustaining note will be cut-off early. It is good practise to damp other strings while you are playing a single string (not just for the G2M, but generally since this will improve the sound of your playing).
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