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B2M Launched

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We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Sonuus B2M -- the G2M for bass players.

This will be officially launched in a few days time at the NAMM show, Anaheim, CA, USA and we just have updated our web site with photos, specifications and other information on the B2M.

Here is an outline of the specifications:

() Optimised for bass guitar with very fast tracking and very low latency -- an essential requirement for usable MIDI conversion on low frequency notes.

() Works down to low-B (i.e., B0 at 30Hz), and up to high E (E5), covering the full range of bass guitars (4-string to 7-string).

() MIDI Latency: 8 ms (E5), 32 ms (E1), 40 ms (B0).

() Accurate pitch-bend (set to standard +/-2 semitones range).

() Chromatic mode (i.e., notes without pitch-bend).

() Built-in PULSAR tuner for fast and accurate tuning. This supports standard 4-, 5-, 6- and 7- string tunings (BEADGCF).

() The same size/design as the G2M, but coloured green (the G2M is black).
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