i2M musicport firmware update (1.2.00)

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i2M musicport firmware update (1.2.00)

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We are pleased to announce that a new firmware update is available for the i2M musicport. It includes several new features, including many suggested to us by existing users:
  • Latency Test mode to help you debug audio latency problems on your computer setup. The logo on the i2M musicport will light at the same time as sending a note-on. You can use this to watch and listen to work out where the latency is coming from.
  • Note Extend (in MIDI zones) to allow gapless transitions between notes, even if your playing includes gaps. Essentially, it adds a configurable delay to when a note-off is sent.
  • Allow any MIDI controller to be used for the breath controller output.
  • Modes (presets) can now be changed by MIDI program change, great for live use.
  • A velocity filter has been added to reject low-level notes, to reduce glitches. This can help general playing, but also really helps when using the i2M musicport for transcription.
  • Note velocity and breath controller can have a curves applied to them (linear, and various degrees of compression and expansion).
    The i2M musicport Desktop Editor Software has also been updated (to version 1.2.00) to access the new features in the firmware update
Both the firmware and the Desktop Editor Software are now available from the software pages ( http://software.sonuus.com).

A minor update to the Sonuus Firmware Updater (1.0.02) has also been released. We recommend you get this latest update so you can use it to install the new i2M musicport firmware.
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