i2M musicport firmware update (1.3.00)

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i2M musicport firmware update (1.3.00)

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We are pleased to announce that a new firmware update (version 1.3.00) is available for the i2M musicport. It includes two new features requested by i2M musicport users, and a few bug fixes.
  • Fix a bug when MIDI zone "note extend" was enabled. This could cause zero-duration notes to be sent by mistake.
  • Fixed a potential crash (unit would restart itself). This would only occur in rare situations, if at all.
  • Note-extend behaviour changed to work better with synths in mono-legato mode. Now, when the note-extend is active the new note is sent before the old note is turned off. This allows the receiving synth (when configured to mono-legato mode) to play the new note without a new note-on attack.
  • Note-detection accuracy in chromatic mode has been improved.
  • It is now possible to route pitch-bend data to another, globally-defined, MIDI controller. Only one MIDI controller can be configured, but routing can be enabled separately on each MIDI zone to different MIDI channels.
The i2M musicport Desktop Editor has also been updated to version 1.3.00:
  • Fix a bug in the Desktop Editor which prevented you from selecting a single note range in the zone gate.
  • Added new musical scale to the Desktop Editor "Melodic Minor Full" which includes the notes of both the ascending and descending Melodic Minor scales.
  • Supports the new features in firmware version 1.3.00.
All of the above can be downloaded from our software pages ( http://software.sonuus.com).
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