Sonic State (Amped) Wahoo review and video

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Sonic State (Amped) Wahoo review and video

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Sonic State have done an in-depth review of the Wahoo, from a bass-player's perspective. There's a nice long video with lots of good sounds (best with good headphones so you can hear all that lovely low end). ... ter-pedal/

The Summary:

"An excellent sounding and incredibly well designed pedal that offers a unparalleled amount of adjust-ability that is more in line with analogue synthesisers than traditional guitarists stomp boxes. Don't let that put you off though as it is very easy to use and the clear layout means that even when the pedal is on the floor, you can see exactly what is going on. The software editor is the icing on the cake in this department as it is extremely well thought out and allows for an excellent editing experience. A highly recommended unit that should give the user many years of wah and filter action of the highest calibre! "
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