Audio over wifi?

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Audio over wifi?

Post by slimreaper »

Hi, Just bought the G2M app for the iPhone and I'm really pleased with it. I mostly use it to transmit midi data over wifi into my laptop DAW to control VST Instruments. I also use Native Instruments Guitar rig as my main effects processor for my bass guitar. Was wondering if anyone knows a simple way to transmit the audio signal from the bass to my DAW over the wifi as well as the midi data? This would be great because my whole rig would then become completely wireless and would no longer end up tripping over/pulling out cables, as i could just mount the iphone to my bass and rock on!
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Re: Audio over wifi?

Post by james »

I think it's a good idea, but I'm not sure if iOS has support for audio over WiFi built-in. The MIDI over Wi-Fi is provided natively by iOS, if the same is available for audio, that should similarly be easy to add.

Does anyone here know more details on this?
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