Rising up video

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Rising up video

Postby mraley » Wed Dec 26, 2012 8:16 am

"Rising up" is the first track in my new collection of Experimental and instrumental tunes

the i2M has a prominent role in this recording . I play both the real and virtual instruments simultaneously in a live mix session;
everything was mostly done in one take with minimal post edit.

I used the zones setup to split the keyboard on my Anglo Concertina into different midi channels
The bottom to mid right half note range falls into a MIDI channel that drives the CelloFan VSTi plugin

The actual accoustic tracks are recorded in the DAW from Cardiod Condensor mics plugged into Channels 1 & 2 on my Akai expander box

Microvox M400 Electret mics fitted to each side of the Concertina plug into channel 3 with phantom power off .
On the back of the expander box an insert jack for channel 3 patches to the i2M and I control the pre-amp gain from the front of the expander

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