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Voluum Version 1.1.2 (pre-release testing)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 9:39 pm
by james
Here is a new Voluum update for beta testing. It has been well tested, but we want to get your feedback on the new changes before we make it an official release.

For now, only the Window editor is available (the OSX editor will be made available in the official release).

Firmware is included in the editor, so when you run it and connect the Voluum, it will ask you if you want to do the update. You should let it do this. (Note you must have the Sonuus Firmware Loader installed for this update to work.) ... 2_beta.msi

Changes in Version 1.1.2.

() Fix problems with MIDI sync. When Sync'd MIDI Start/Continue was being ignored so there could be an offset between the sequence and the LFO. This is now taken into account so the LFO should be much tighter synchronised with the MIDI Clock.

() Added phase control for MIDI-Sync'd LFO. You can now tweak the LFO phase to let it run ahead of, or behind the beat (you have free control of the phase).

() Added new LFO/Tremolo features to let you more easily recreate vintage tremolos:

(a) "optical" mode has been added which simulates the response of an optical control element (this has a faster attack time and slower release time, whereas a VCA-based tremolo like the Voluum usually has a symmetric response). This can be used on any LFO waveform to give a more vintage feel to the sound, while still allowing lots of experimentation possibilities.

(b) a new "classic" waveform has been added. This can be thought of as a "half-sine" wave with a variable duty cycle. This, particularly when used with the new "optical" mode gives very authentic vintage tremolo sounds.

Re: Voluum Version 1.1.2 (pre-release testing)

PostPosted: Fri Apr 03, 2015 1:57 pm
by james
This firmware (and updated editor) are now officially available as version 1.2.0 from here: