Second time, G2M not working

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Second time, G2M not working

Post by sammcc »

Hi - I purchased a G2M through Amazon, when it came I put a battery in and plugged in my electric guitar but nothing happened. I tried another battery with no change. So I dug out a 9V adapter that fit it (+ on the tip, - on the base) and with that plugged in, the Power/Tuner light and MIDI light both flash with nothing else plugged in. If I plug in my guitar and midi cable, it occasionally plays one low note no matter which note I play. I tried changing the tuning on my guitar to see if the tuner was working, but no change.

I assumed it was a defective unit, so I did an exchange but the new one acts exactly the same.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Second time, G2M not working

Post by james »

I just wanted to update this post for completeness. I believe this is all now resolved and you have a new, working G2M.

Very unusual to have two non-working G2Ms. They have been very reliable and we get very few returns on these. We will investigate it.
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