Connecting to a non-powered USB

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Connecting to a non-powered USB

Post by rgleiser »

I have a similar problem to one posted here before, but with a potentially different solution.

I want to use the i2M to drive a synth unit live, but it's a Roland Sonic Cell, which has two forms of input for MIDI signals:
1) 5-pin DIN: I'm aware of the suggested solutions, but don't want to have to spend as much again on a Kenton or similar to get this working
2) USB: This would seem like the perfect solution, but the USB port on the Roland is not powered. It expect to be connected to a computer, which provides the power.

Exploring the second approach, I found this product ... able-p6917
This connects USB to USB with the option of injecting power for the case where the devices at both ends aren't powered.

At £40, it's cheaper than other options I've seen here, but still more than I'm willing to pay without being confident that it'll work.

Can anyone advise whether this is likely to work?
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