G2m V3 - No midi note output

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G2m V3 - No midi note output

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Hello -
I have a G2M V3 that I purchased some time ago. It has never worked.
I put it away for a while and just tried again doing a deeper dive into it, but still nothing.

Here is what I can tell you-

I am using a new battery, and it is facing the correct direction as indicated in the diagram on the unit.
tuned my bass (jazz bass) and tried neck pickup only, tone rolled off. I used only the open G string for this test (figure it is middle-range enough and stable pitch to track and produce a midi note.)

On the G2M:
The power light comes on.
Low Battery light is not illuminated.
the midi light does lightly flicker when playing notes, and appears to be synchronized with the notes that I am playing (not random flickering). It is not a bright display, very low flickering only. Not full strength illumination like the power light has.
The clip light comes on when i hit the string hard, but not during more moderate volume playing (as per manual recommendation).
Tried with Chromatic switch both on and off, and no change - would not produce a midi note.

I tried plugged into 3 different synths, and directly into the MIDI-in on my interface.
Following the manual, for 4-string bass, I currently have the dip switches set as:
1: Off
2: On
3: Off
4: Off
5: Off
6: Off
7: On
8: On

I did try it with the factory setting as well, and it would not produce a midi note. I adjusted the switches based on the manual and thought that may have been the issue, but no functional chance (no production of a midi note that would register on any synth or in the DAW).

I also made sure all DIP switches are securely in the above positions, and not accidentally set half-way between.

When recording into my DAW I do seem to get some controller information recorded (not sure which control this is)
However: No note/pitch information, no velocity information.

When plugging into my synths no notes trigger on any channel.

Since I bought the product a while ago, I'm assuming I am out of any conceivable return window, so just want to see if there is anything I have overlooked before i dispose of it.

Thank you.
Anyone have similar experience?
I have not yet been able to make this device produce a midi note at any time.
Not once.
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