Sonuus Technology

Many innovations in Sonuus products are not immediately obvious and are hidden in the electronic circuit or in the software. These innovations combined with great engineering give Sonuus products their uniqueness and unrivalled quality.

Here is an overview of just some of our proprietary technology.

Pitch-Detection Algorithm

To measure the pitch (frequency) of a signal, there is a trade-off between how long you have to measure and the accuracy of the measurement. For musical applications, this has a significant impact on what you can do. For example, you can have a fast-responding guitar tuner that lacks accuracy, or you can have an accurate guitar tuner that lacks speed. Neither of these options is desirable.

In the 1990's, Sonuus co-founder Dr James H Clark developed an innovative and unique propietary pitch-detection algorithm that was (and still is) both faster and more accurate than anything else available.After a year of refinement and optimisation, this formed the basis of the first Sonuus pitch-to-MIDI converter, the G2M.

This pitch-detection algorithm enables Sonuus to create low-cost, high-performance pitch-to-MIDI converters and  instrument tuners that are both faster and more accurate than anything else available.

Leader in Pitch-to-MIDI Conversion

Leveraging the unique advantages of Sonuus' pitch-detection algorithm is only one part of making a great pitch-to-MIDI converter. Detecting and tracking intentional notes, while rejecting unintentional notes is also a critical ingredient. Finally, understanding the musical aspects of the signal and translating this into MIDI information that conveys the musical intent of the performance ensures a musician can play a MIDI instrument as easily as if it were their favourite guitar.

Sonuus pitch-to-MIDI can be summed up in three points:

  • Fastest tracking (the laws of physics stop it going any faster)

  • Most precise (robust note detection and pitch accuracy)

  • Most musical (nuances of playing are converted to MIDI)

Patented InfiniQ Position Sensor

At Sonuus we are not constrained by the limits of conventions: we look for new and better ways to do things.

A good example of this is our patented InfiniQ pedal sensor, developed for our effects pedals. We rejected potentiometers (used in most footpedals) because they wear out and become scratchy, and we rejected optics and magnets because of their limitations.

We wanted a pedal sensor that combined responsiveness, fine precision control and inherent robustness. This didn't exist, so we invented it.

The Sonuus InfiniQ sensor is unique and surpasses all other position sensors used on effects pedals.

Transparent True Bypass

In an effect pedal, true-bypass means that the effect is completely switched out of your signal chain when bypassed to preserve the integrity of your guitar/bass signal. This is typically done by mechanical switches but these cause clicks or pops when switching. With a high-gain amplifier these noises can be rather loud!

This switching noise can be reduced somewhat by using relays instead of mechanical switches, but the switching noise is still a problem.

Transparent True Bypass

To circumvent this problem, while retaining the advantages of true-bypass switching, Sonuus developed Transparent True Bypass. This works by using an additional relay to connect a special muting circuit to silence the signal while switching, then disconnecting the muting circuit once switching is complete. Because the muting circuit is normally fully disconnected from the signal path, it remains a true-bypass signal chain.

Pure Analogue | Digital Control

Good analogue effects sound great, but digital effects are convenient. Our Pure Analogue | Digital Control system combines the best of both giving you uncompromised sonic quality with convenience and control.

Pure Analogue Digital Control

As well as giving you the ability to store presets for analogue effects, the Digital Control enables the analogue circuitry to be controlled with more precision than before and to be controlled in new, innovative ways. For example, an analogue filter can be controlled over USB with the same simplicity as a VST plug-in.

Innovative Guitar Effects

Sonuus invented the pitch-wah, a new wah-wah effect where bending notes lets you wah automatically. Often a guitarist will wah (with their foot) when they bend a note: it feels natural and sounds great. The pitch-wah lets this become automatic. It's fast so it will follow everything you play. Now you can focus on the performance without worring about what your feet are doing.

Fluid Dynamics

Sonuus invented Fluid Dynamics™, the pedal-controlled compressor: other compressors are either on or off, ours gives you continuous control letting you vary the compression on the fly. Why do you want to do this? Music is dynamic and emotional. As a player you are translating your emotions into the music. Fluid Dynamics™ gives you another tool to convey these emotions: as a song rises and falls now you can add subtle (or extreme) variations in feeling using what you hear to ride the compression. It feels natural to use, and once you have experienced it, you won't ever want to go back to a standard fixed compressor.