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Demonstrations of Sonuus products can be found on each of the "Demo" pages for each product. Links to these pages are below:

G2M Demos

G2M™ for Guitar

(5-pin MIDI)

B2M Demos

B2M™ for Bass

(5-pin MIDI)

i2M musicport Demos

i2M musicport™ for

Guitar/Bass and

other instruments


Wahoo Demos

Wahoo™ Analogue Dual-Filter Pedal

Guitar/Bass and other instruments


Click the appropriate link to download a document as a pdf. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar) to view these files. If you don't have this, you can find it here.

Product Brochures

sonuus G2M™ Product Brochure.

sonuus B2M™ Product Brochure.

sonuus i2M musicport™ Product Brochure.

sonuus Wahoo™ Product Brochure.

Product Manuals

sonuus G2M™ Product Manual.

sonuus B2M™ Product Manual.

sonuus i2M musicport™ Product Manual.

sonuus i2M musicport™ Desktop Editor Manual.

sonuus Wahoo™ Product Manual.

MIDI Implementation Charts

MIDI Implementation charts are standardised charts recommended by the MIDI Manufacturers Association as a quick reference of transmitter and receiver functions so that users can easily recognise what messages and functions are implemented in the instrument.

sonuus G2M™ MIDI chart.

sonuus B2M™ MIDI chart.

sonuus i2M musicport™ MIDI chart.