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Demonstrations of Sonuus products can be found on each of the "Demo" pages for each product. Links to these pages are below:

G2M Demos

G2M™ for Guitar

(5-pin MIDI)

B2M Demos

B2M™ for Bass

(5-pin MIDI)

i2M musicport Demos

i2M musicport™ for

Guitar/Bass and

other instruments


Wahoo Demos

Wahoo™ Analogue Dual-Filter Pedal

Guitar/Bass and other instruments


Click the appropriate link to download a document as a pdf. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar) to view these files. If you don't have this, you can find it here.

Sonuus Full Product Line Brochure

The Sonuus brochure contains an overview of all our products. For detailed specifications please consult the product-specific pages on this web site.

Sonuus Brochure Download

Product Manuals

sonuus G2M™ Product Manual.

sonuus B2M™ Product Manual.

sonuus i2M musicport™ Product Manual.

sonuus i2M musicport™ Desktop Editor Manual.

sonuus Wahoo™ Desktop Editor Manual.

sonuus Wahoo™ Product Manual.

MIDI Implementation Charts

MIDI Implementation charts are standardised charts recommended by the MIDI Manufacturers Association as a quick reference of transmitter and receiver functions so that users can easily recognise what messages and functions are implemented in the instrument.

sonuus G2M™ MIDI chart.

sonuus B2M™ MIDI chart.

sonuus i2M musicport™ MIDI chart.