CJ Pierce

(Drowning Pool, As Above/So Below, and C-JALIEN)

CJ Pierce is a New Orleans native who now resides in Texas. He grew up with a vast amount of musical influences. CJ started playing music at a very young age. Although guitar is his main instrument of choice he also sings plays Bass, Drums, and Keys. CJ has also been producing local bands in Dallas and has done mixing on many project as well including the recent live Drowning Pool videos. Mr. Pierce is currently working in 3 bands. Drowning Pool, As Above/So Below with his brother Jacob Pierce and doing an EDM project called C-JALIEN.

What CJ says about the Sonuus Wahoo:

"I absolutely love the new Sonuus Wahoo pedal. It takes the Wah factor to a whole new level. It's great how you can program your own custom sounds. Not only Wah but tons of filters and envelopes as well. Great sounding pedal. You'll be hearing it all over my new music."

Where's CJ using the Wahoo

"Right now I've been using the Sonuus on some new Drowning Pool demos. Hoping to make a new Drowning Pool record before the end of the year. I've also toyed around with the Sonuus on vocals for my EDM C-JALIEN project as well."

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