Krzyszt of Misiak

(Guitarist, composer, producer, educator and journalist)

Formerly Krzyszt used to play with:

  • 3 Jazz Soldiers (jazz-rock-fusion) - leader

  • Marek Bilinski (electronics-rock)

  • Chylińska (rock)

  • S.O.S. (Jazz-rock-fusion) - leader

  • Medusa (hard-core) - bassist

  • Co-founder of the band Rybieoci (blues-hard-rock)

Voted by the readers the winner of the "Gitara i Bas + Bebny" a Polish nation wide musicians' magazine, in category: Best Rock Guitar Player Of The Year in 2004 (Gitarowy Top '2004).

Honored with a statuette for participation in recording The Guitar Record Of The Year 1999 - "12 Sprawiedliwych" by Mietek Jurecki (Gitarowy Top '99).

Voted by the readers the winner of the "Gitara i Bas" a Polish nation wide musicians' magazine, in category: The New Hope Of The Year in 1998

After submitting his demo, was awarded "The Lick Of the Month" by - GUITAR PLAYER Magazine - April 1998

Awarded by the following American schools of music:

  • Berklee College Of Music, Boston, MA 
  • Musicians Institute (G.I.T), Hollywood, CA

  • Atlanta Institute Of Music & Jason Becker Scholarship, Norcross, GA

What Krzyszt says about the Sonuus i2M musicport and Sonuus G2M:

"I mostly use VST instruments for arrangements, so Sonuus i2M (and G2M) helps me in creating some parts of my music."

Music Preview

A preview of Krzyszt's latest CD can be heard here - we love it!

Krzyszt's links:

Krzyszt's credits:

  • A producer of the "Telegramy" album, released by S.O.S. 

  • A producer of the album "Zdjecie z Misiem" Krzyszt of Misiak & S.O.S. 

  • A producer of the album "Wydaje mi sie.." Krzyszt of Misiak 

  • A producer of the album "Wyjatkowo Kulturalny Weekend" Krzyszt of Misiak 

  • A producer of the album "Nowe okolicznosci" Krzyszt of Misiak

  • A producer of the album "5.1" Krzyszt of Misiak  

  • A co-producer of the album "Odlamkowa" 3 Jazz Soldiers

  • An author of a guitar video school "Fusion Guitar" 

  • A co-author of "Przechodzac na druga strone lustra" an album released by X-Ray (industrial) 

  • An announcer of radio broadcasts on various guitar issues 

  • An associate member of "Gitara i Bas", a guitar magazine (he was runing his own column on guitar workshops, he discusses various guitarists' styles, tests equipment and does reviews)  

  • A lecturer of Guitar Workshops in Gdynia, Boleslawiec, Jaworzno (Jawor Rock) and Darmstadt (Jazz Conceptions) in Germany 

  • A participant of The Jazz Workshops in Pulawy and Darmstadt (Jazz Conceptions) in Germany 

  • Co-organizer of the rock music festival "Rockowe Ogrodki" (The Rock Gardens) Plock, Poland 

  • Honoured with a Silver Mask as a reward for a spectacular performance along with Marek Walczak in the theatre play "Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll"

  • Endorser music equipment including: Ibanez, Ernie Ball, Plexsound

Has worked with and still does, with the leading artist for the rock, jazz and blues scene:

  • Mietek Jurecki - bass

  • Krzysztof Scieranski - bass

  • Wojciech Pilichowski - bass 

  • Gregg Bissonette - drums (S. Vai, D.Lee Roth, J. Satriani)

  • Natalia Kukulska - singer

  • Steve Vai - guitar

  • Virtual Jazz Reality (P. Iwicki, M. Surzyn, T. "Kciuk" Jaworski)

  • Jan Borysewicz - guitar (Lady Pank)

  • Marek Napiorkowski - guitar (A. M. Jopek)

  • Tomasz Losowski - drums

  • Steve Morse - guitar (Deep Purple)

  • Dave Latchaw - piano

  • Michael Sagmeister - guitar

  • Krystyna Pronko - singer

  • Piotr Banka - producer

  • Grzegorz Grzyb - drums

  • Mariusz "Fazi" Mielczarek - saxophone

  • Kamil Baranski - Hammond organ

  • Jennifer Batten - guitar

  • Piotr Baron - saxophone

  • Dariusz Kozakiewicz - guitar (Perfect)

  • Liam McMurray - guitar

  • Richard Wolbach - singer (ex-Harlem)

  • Siona Neale - singer

  • Farben Lehre punk-rock band

  • Plock Symphony Orchestra 

  • and many, many others ...