Nicole Bettencourt Coelho

Nicole Bettencourt Coelho is a Musician and Creative Director based in London. Originally coming from a background of the DIY alternative scene in South Africa, she cut her musical teeth session playing in Nashville, TN as well as relentlessly touring and performing original music around the USA. As well as sessioning for other artists, she always has one creative musical project as her main focus.

Previous project, London based Vuvuvultures released their debut album in 2013. Previous session gig was performing and recording with Delooze, a project featuring members from Florence & The Machine, Gnarls Barkley and a mini symphonic orchestra. Currently she plays bass, writes songs and experiments with sound in BL=NDFOLDS and also plays with solo artist Johnny Lloyd.

In 2011 she founded The Island with her bandmates and team of artists, technicians and general creative misfits who create once off surreal themed parties in disused space or venues with unique character in London. This process includes building a stylised environment made of mostly found resources and building and designing interactive audio-visual experiments which generally end up destroyed by the end of the night. In 2013 she was a founding member of visceral London independent record label Energy Snake Records.

Nicole is particularly interested in the process of combining live energy of musicians writing and playing songs together with more unpredictable electronic, experimental sounds.

What Nicole says about the Sonuus B2M:

"I recently bought a Sonuus B2M to replace the MIDI conversion in my existing setup. Incredible little unit! It tracks brilliantly, and is lightweight and simple. Literally plug in and play and you have a reliable MIDI setup from your bass. By far the least complicated and compact / portable setup of its kind. Works just as well as everything else I have tried for a third of the price and hassle. It works really well as part of my live bass setup too. Excited to see future development from Sonuus in this regard too."

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