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G2M iOS app—Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter


iOS devices
All iOS devices with iOS4.2 and above. This includes the iPod Touch 2nd Gen, and all newer iPod Touches, iPhones and iPads.
Tuner notes Chromatic
Tuner accuracy <1 cent (central region shows ±1 cent)
Note detection range E1 to Bb6
MIDI latency 5ms (E6) to 19ms (E2)
Additional audio latency
6ms (low-latency mode on), 12ms (low-latency mode off).
Pitch bend
<1 cent accuracy | ±1, ±2, or ±5 semitones range
None if chromatic (OFF) mode enabled
Suppored apps
Any iOS app that supports Core MIDI
Supported audio hardware
Any supported by iOS
Supported MIDI hardware Any supported by iOS that uses Core MIDI
WiFi Network
Use AudioMIDISetup in OSX | rtpMIDI in Windows (or similar)
Price  USD 9.99, GBP 6.99