i2M musicport


i2M musicport—MIDI Converter & Hi-Z USB Audio Interface

Demo Videos

Here are a selection of demos of the i2M musicport. Take your time and browse what's possible with this unique device.

Here's another cool demo showing how you can put together a complete song with just an electric guitar, and i2M musicport. Band in a Box is used to create an instrumental backing from a rhythm guitar track, the i2M musicport is used to create lead synth, and Sonar X1 is used to bring it all together.

Non-Flash Demo Links

If your browser doesn't support flash and you can't see the video players above, you can follow the links below to see the demo videos on the You Tube web site.

Sonuus i2M musicport Demo1 (Dimitar Nalbantov)

Sonuus i2M musicport video review / tutorial (by Alberto Rigoni)

An awesome demo by Destrage: thrash that MIDI!

Sonuus i2M musicport with Dan Lawson

Korg iMS-20 with guitar (i2M musicport with iPad)