i2M musicport


i2M musicport—MIDI Converter & Hi-Z USB Audio Interface

Testimonials from users of the i2M musicport

" Finally I found the perfect tool to record synth solos and bass guitar tracks without change my main instrument - My guitar! Thank you for i2M musicport, Sonuus! It is amazing! "Dimitar Nalbantov

"  As it stands right now 'you can have my i2M musicport when you can pry it from my cold dead hands'. It works great. I have been a bass player for 46 years and I have been waiting for this since I first heard synthesizers. " Craig Voorhies

" I used to take a WX5 wind controller to gigs with my alto sax to get a variety of sounds, but now I take the sax and a Sonuus i2M. It gives me the MIDI breath control, pitch bend, and response time I demand for live performance, and I get it all using my regular horn! " John Baker

" I bough the Musicport at Xmas to see if the unit would live up to its offerings.

I’ve always wished guitar players can have the same easy access to sounds as a keyboard player can, so over the years, I have gone through the whole gamut of guitar to synth products – Roland Gi to Axon. Even with these products, great as they are,  dependant on the synth used (via computer), triggering of notes ends up working the same for single note lines as the Sonuus, i.e. after much setup – hardware (no ugly carbuncle of a pickup on the instrument) and software, the others work well, but a simple plug and play solution would also be good. (especially for a laptop. No carrying an extra box around to trigger midi)

The Musicport plus points – plug and play, works off audio is a great step forward (singing to trigger midi sounds is fantastic!), can be a simple audio interface, really cheap for the facilities you get for your money. It is basically the same as a guitar lead that is midi……..that is fantastic in itself!

The Musicport minus points – really……..it is monophonic, but polyphony from an audio input device like this, is asking a lot without a dedicated pickup.

As they release Firmware and software updates, I guess the musicport will work even better moving forward.

I look forward to the advances this product makes in the near future. " Dave Ashton

" Incredible technology! I have just touched the surface of vast creativity that awaits. Infinitely valuable for composing, arranging, performance, pre & post production. The tracking is state-of-the-art. Sonuus i2M RAWKS! "Lindsey Boullt