G2M—Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter

New G2M Version 3 introduced in 2016. Guitar | Bass | Voice

G2M Demonstrations

These are some audio demos using the G2M with a guitar. Various licks were recorded as MIDI then played back using different MIDI sounds to let you hear what can be acheived just by changing the sound.

G2M Licks 1 (mp3)

G2M Licks 2 (mp3)

G2M Licks 3 (mp3)

Demo Videos

The G2M was launched at the Winter NAMM Show 2009, and we got some video of Dan Lawson of The Dan Lawson Band when he visited our booth. A great player, Dan really let the G2M shine with some cool riffs on the saxophone. The audio quality on this video isn't great because it had to be heavily processed to remove a lot of background noise from the other exhibitors. "Live", it sounded fantastic!

There are also a few other videos in this collection to demonstrate particular aspects of the G2M.

Non-Flash Demo Links

If your browser doesn't support flash and you can't see the video players above, you can follow the links below to see the demo videos on the You Tube web site.

Sonuus G2M V2 Fast-tracking test: see how fast it really is

Sonuus G2M V2 NAMM11 -- Dan Lawson plays saxophone (V2)

Sonuus G2M (V2) Fun, Winter NAMM 2011

Sonuus G2M NAMM09 -- Dan Lawson plays saxophone

Dan Lawson Sonuus G2M Composition

G2M: Petteri Sariola plays "Slap Bass"

Sonuus G2M with Electric Kazoo

Sonuus G2M Guitar-to-MIDI Demo (EZ-GTR.com)

Sonuus G2M Tuning Demo