G2M—Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter

New G2M Version 3 introduced in 2016. Guitar | Bass | Voice

Testimonials from users of the G2M

" The G2M has changed my approach to soloing.  It has added depth and dimension at the flick of a switch.  And because of its simplicity, it allows everybody a chance to step outside the ‘envelope’.  I MIDI both guitar and keyboard module in stereo and the effect is amazing.  Its tracking and latency couldn’t be any better.  Thank you for such a great product.  Your innovations are changing the way guitarists conventionally think. "Dan Lawson

" Wow! The G2M is probably the coolest piece of MIDI gear I own. What you are able to do with it is just unbelievable. Your creativity is infinite. It is like having a MIDI pickup without having to actually install one on your guitar. I use it to program instruments in my songs, play virtual instruments(VSTi) & tab out lessons. This little device does it all. These guys really know what they are doing! "Eric Maldonado

" Whilst working on the MOONGOOSE album 'Organic Technology' I was worried about how to take it to the live stage without being heavily reliant on Keyboards. I saw an advert for SONNUS products G2M & B2M and immediately found the solution. As a bassist, I found the B2M gave me all of the control I needed over my soft synths, without having to play a keyboard. I now happily play a Moog, Cello, Synth & even Melodica with my usual trusty old bass. The G2M gives us the ability to layer and warp already warped guitars by adding synth/string textures to the sound. The latency is non-existant and MOONGOOSE would highly recommend both of these wonderful units. This is truly 'Organic Technology'...thanks SONNUS. "Yorkie


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