G2M—Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter

New G2M Version 3 introduced in 2016. Guitar | Bass | Voice


Power supply AA battery (typically more than 20 hours operating time)
9V DC PSU (max 30mA)
Tuner notes B1, E2, A2, D3, G3, B3, E4 (guitar/voice)
B0, E1, A1, D2, G2, C3, F3 (bass)
Tuner accuracy <1 cent when pulsing at <1Hz
Note detection range (E1 to C7) Guitar
(Db1 to A6) 4 String bass
(A0 to F6) 5 String bass
MIDI latency 5ms (E6) to 19ms (E2) | 32ms (E1)
Pitch Bend
<1 cent accuracy
2, 5, 12, 36 semitones
MIDI power 5V (via 220 ohm resistor as per the MIDI specification)
Size 83mm x 58mm x 34mm
Weight 80g (without battery)
Inputs 6.35mm mono jack (switches unit on when jack is inserted)
9V DC power jack, 2.1mm centre pin
Standard 5-pin MIDI (via breakout cable).
Outputs 6.35mm mono jack connected directly to input jack. Standard 5-pin MIDI socket.
Switches CHROMATIC switch to enable/disable pitch-bending

Box Contents

  • G2M V3

  • Printed Operators' Manual (in English)