Wahoo—Analogue Multi-Effects Pedal

Desktop Editor Software

The digital control and configuration of the Wahoo is very flexible and powerful. Although you can access all of this power from the Wahoo's control panel, to make it faster to give you an overview of all the settings, we have provided a Desktop Editor Software application that runs on both Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX.

You can run this beside your other audio applications to give you quick and simple access to any configuration parameters you want to adjust on the Wahoo.

Full details of the Desktop Editor Software are provided in the pdf manual. This section gives a brief introduction to what's possible.

Preset Edit

You can view, edit, save and delete presets. To make setup of the filter as intuitive as possible an interactive graphical control lets you simply drag filter "hi" and "lo" around and hear the difference. The live filter positions are shown in real-time so you can understand how it works to help you design new and interesting sounds.

When two filters are used together it is possible to create vowel sounds, to achieve vocal sounds that are just not possible on single-filter pedals. A special "vowel" mode of the interactive graphic control makes it trivial to dial-in the vowel sounds you want.

Setlist - take control of your gig

Having a huge number of presets is a wonderful thing, but in the midst of a gig having too many options can get in the way -- maybe even cause panic! The setlist feature makes sure the presets you need (and only those presets) are available where you want them and when you need them.


The Wahoo can be controller by MIDI (over USB), and can be used as a precision MIDI expression controller too.

Setup and Utility

Various utility features let you configure the basic operation of the Wahoo.

User presets and the settings of the Wahoo can be saved to, and loaded from, files. This lets you backup your configuration and allows you to exchange your favourite presets with other Wahoo users.