Wahoo—Analogue Multi-Effects Pedal

Testimonials from users of the Wahoo

" This is an awesome pedal, some of the best cash I've spent on guitar equipment. The sonic palette it gives is infinite, only limited by your imagination.

Thanks for an amazing bit of kit that will take me years to explore."Peter  Montanez

" I saw the screenshot of the software editor today and nearly had a heart attack, I have never seen a pedal with such a cool editor before!

... Have to say again how staggeringly amazing the pedal plus the update is, I think the tweaks have taken what was already my favourite pedal of all time and moved it to the next layer, congratulations! "Gaz Williams

"  I own 3 other wah's Dunlop, Ernie Ball, Ibanez. I think they end up for back up or for sale. The Wahoo is in my opinion what a wah pedal should be or can do... (next day)... In fact I sold my cry baby three hours ago. " Claus Kruell