Wahoo—Analogue Multi-Effects Pedal

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a summary of the most frequently asked questions to answer most of your queries.

Can the Wahoo be MIDI-controlled?

Yes. The USB port on the Wahoo provides a MIDI-In and MIDI-Out port that can be used by anything that supports "Class-Compliant" USB-MIDI devices. OSX/Windows/Linux support this.

The Wahoo can send MIDI so you can use the expression pedal to control other instruments, or receive MIDI so you can control the filters remotely.

But how can I connect the Wahoo to other standard "5-pin" MIDI devices?

You need a "USB Host" that can support the Wahoo. For example, if you are using a computer you can connect the Wahoo to that, then route the MIDI data from the computer to your 5-pin MIDI device using suitable software and a suitable MIDI output device (e.g., a USB-MIDI cable).

If you don't want to use a computer, you can use a hardware "USB Host" instead. These aren't simple cables, but actually do the job of a computer in smaller, dedicated package.

Kenton MIDI USB Host

Hobbytronics MIDI USB Host

The Kenton MIDI USB Host, and Hobbytronics MIDI USB Host both work very well with the Wahoo so you can easily connect this to the Wahoo's USB port then connect standard 5-pin MIDI devices to the Host device. What's more, these devices will even power the Wahoo via USB so you only need one power supply to power both units (the Kenton comes with it's own power supply).

Do I need a computer to use the Wahoo?

No. The Wahoo is primarily a traditional "stomp box" or "effects pedal" for guitar and bass (and of course other instruments). Although the Wahoo is highly configurable, all of the parameters can be edited directly using its front panel. For convenience, and to allow you to backup your presets and to exchange presets with other Wahoo users,we have provided a Desktop Editor for OSX and Windows. To use this, you do need a computer connected to the Wahoo via USB.

Does the Wahoo include pitch-to-MIDI like the other Sonuus products?

Althought the Wahoo uses the same technology as our MIDI-based products, it doesn't send MIDI notes, so it can't be used as a pitch-to-MIDI converter. The pitch-tracking, instead, is used to control the filter to create new and interesting sounds not possible on any other filter pedal.

Getting best results when connected to USB

The Wahoo can be powered from a variety of sources: USB, DC and batteries. However, sometimes USB power (typically desktop PCs) can be noisy or can cause ground loops. If this happens and you want to use the USB connection, simply connect a 9V power supply and the Wahoo will use that instead of USB power and you won’t get these noise problems.